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Grooming Prices 2015/2016 Yuma

Your Pet must be current on their rabies vaccine.

We charge by Pet Size, condition of coat, amount of coat, and style. Appointment are typically scheduled. But we do take Walk ins if time permits.

Bath & Tidy: No hair cut ( includes: Nail trimming, Ears cleaned/plucked, Anal gland expression, Bath, blow dry, and brush out. *Base Pricing on regularly groomed pets

Size Example Breeds Price
Toy Chihuahua, Dachshund, Yorkie, $20+
Small Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, small poodle $25+
Medium Cockers, Lhasa, Boxers, Lab $30+
Large Springer, Doberman, Shepards $40+
X-large Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Wolfhound, Standard poodles $45+
XXL Chow, Husky, Pyrenees $65+


Full Service Grooming  ( hair cut, nail trimming, ears cleaned/plucked, Bath, blow dry, and brush out, glands expressed) *Base Pricing on regular groomed pets

Size Breed Examples Price
Toy size or smaller Under 10 pounds $40+
Small Shihtzu,maltese,yorkie,pomeranian, small poodles, mini Schnauzers $45+
Medium Cocker, Sheltie, border collies $50+
Large Springer, Husky, Standard poodles $65+
XLarge Shepards, Retrievers $75+
XXlarge Pyerenese,SheepDog,Saint Bernard $85+


Feline Grooming: Includes: Bath, blow dry, claws trimmed, ears cleaned, gland expression, Face trim(breed specific), and any minor trimming/clipping

Service Price
Bath & Brush Short hair $45+
Bath & Brush long hair $55+
Lion Cut $60+
Comb Cut/Teddy Cut $70+


Other Services:

Nail Trim Only $5.00
Nail Grinding Only $10.00
Anal Glad Expression only $10.00
Flea & Tick Bath $5.00-20
Soft Paws (Vinyl nail caps) application $10-20
De Skunk $10-25
Creative Grooming/Pet Dye $5 and UP ask for quote
Deshed/Coat rake $5-25
Express Service- Rush Rover-Appointment only $15
Teeth only $10
Face Trim only $5+
Feet/pad Trim only $5+
Dematting $5-25


Additional Charges:

Excess Matting or pelts $5-25
Behavior/biting $5-10
Scissor work and pattern work on  long drop coats and poodles $5-20

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