Welcome to A Touch of Class

We pride ourselves in using the most up to date grooming products and tools. *We do not use any heated dryers or heated cage drying units. All cats and dogs are dryed by hand.*

We use a Romani Clipper vac. We are the only shop in Yuma with this amazing piece of equipment. It clips hair and desheds.  It does the work of a furminatior in half the time. Less stress on the pet and cleaner and faster. All of the hair clipped off or used in the clipper vac is contained inside the machine, making for less hair left of the animal and groomer. Plus when clipping a dog/cat with the clipper vac the blade being used does not get hot. Excellent on older pets who are sensitive on the legs and hips as the suction on the vac requires less contact with the blade to the pet. How did I ever groom without one!

We are also the only salon in Yuma who has a Catty Shack Vac. This is a unquie drying containment system designed for cats. It eliminates the need to use a restraint on the animal. The pet is dryed, deshed, and brushed all inside the unit. Our dryer is a multi speed dryer that has many levels, from very low to high. This is a great dryer not only for cats but small dogs as well. Very quiet.

We use top of the line shampoos and conditioning treatments, each product is tailored to meet your pets specific needs.

We use several brands of shampoos and products.

Our go to shampoo is Chubbs bars. We use this on most of our cats and dog clients. It is a fabulous shampoo bar excellent for degreasing, brightening, and whitening and more! Its all natural, organic, and safe for both cats & dogs.

We also use Coat handler products, Tropic Clean, and bark to basics. Let us help keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy.