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Services – A Touch of Class

Welcome to A Touch of Class

We offer salon pet grooming for dogs and cats. We recommend appointments for grooming. We offer some Walk-in grooming services such as nail trims, nail grinding, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning. Nail trimming is only $5  everyday no appointment necessary.

To schedule an appointment please call 928-344-3033 or email us.

We encourage regular grooming appointments every 4 to 8 weeks. To keep your pet looking and feeling their best.


Dog grooming– We have several different options depending on your dogs breed, size, and grooming requires. Pricing varies on the condition of your dog’s coat and styles of the groom being performed. Additional charge for matt removal depending on how severe.

All grooming includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath, blow dry, and  anal gland expression.

We offer additional services such as, de-shedding treatments, nail grinding, allergy baths, skunk removal, odor removal, medicated shampoos, whitening shampoos, oatmeal baths, re-moisturerizer and conditioning, dandruff control, and flea and tick control.

Creative dog grooming is available and it can be simple to a pink tail and ears, to a team logo. We offer feather extensions, bows, bandanas, flowers, nail-pawlish, and pet color. As members in good standing of NAPCG- www.thenapcg.com We follow a code of ethics set, and refrain from using any products that pose a risk to the safety of animals.


Cat grooming – Cat grooming appointments are performed by a certified feline master groomer. Our cat grooming services are in high demand, appointments are necessary. All cat grooming services include; bath, blow dry, ears cleaned, eyes or face cleaned, nails trimmed, sanitary clip (optional), and face trimming(breed specific).

We also do lion clips, teddy bear or comb clips, de-shedding treatments, soft paw applications, belly shaves, de-skunk, toe tuff trim, dandruff control, and flea baths. We use cat top quality feline products designed for cats and safe. We encourage regular grooming so your cat will always looks and feel its very best.

We also offer show cat grooming services.

If your cat is matted or pelted additional fees may apply.